A friend of mine considers a prime lens and writes for some advice on the subject...

I never understood the prime lens hype until I owned one. In the field of documenting relief and disasters, it didn’t make sense to have a slew of single lenses. Photojournalist typically shoot with high quality, midrange zooms such as 24-105mm over a prime for practical reasons….versatility, weight and speed (to get the shot).

When I talk about versatility here, I’m not talking about the 75mm-300mm lens. Many newbies will purchase these pieces of crapola from Best Buy or Walmart for $199.99 and wonder why their images lack the crisp quality they see elsewhere. I think it’s criminal great camera companies even make them. 

Here's why I love prime lenses:    

        ~ Primes are typically made with better glass.

        ~Primes are also made with less glass which results in less diffraction which equals clarity and sharpness…this is what stands out from zooms, even high quality midrange zooms.  

         ~Primes are  faster…great for low light and bokeh. This gives you, the photographer, a creative edge. Use the shallow DOF to pinpoint a spot of interest and enjoy the ooo's and ahhh's.

      ~Primes are more fun and make my right brain happy. I have the 16mm and 56mm Fuji primes and love them for landscapes, city scapes, street work and portraits. The more I use these lenses, the more I grab them.  

Bottom line…pull the trigger on a  prime if you can, you won't be sorry. 

Here are a few "prime" examples (ha!): 

Canon 50MM f1.4 1/640 sec

20171110 PRIME LENS BLOG 002

Fuji 56MM f3.2 1/1600 sec

20180730 PRIME LENS BLOG 004

Fuji 56MM f7.1 1/640 sec

20190718 PRIME LENS BLOG 012

Fuji 56mm f2.0 1/250 sec

20181207 PRIME LENS BLOG 001

A few more...

  • 20191124 PRIME LENS BLOG 022
  • 20191106 PRIME LENS BLOG 021
  • 20190718 PRIME LENS BLOG 013
  • 20190924 PRIME LENS BLOG 018
  • 20191014 PRIME LENS BLOG 019
  • 20191106 PRIME LENS BLOG 020
  • 20181203 PRIME LENS BLOG 009
  • 20180910 PRIME LENS BLOG 008
  • 20180908 PRIME LENS BLOG 007
  • 20180906 PRIME LENS BLOG 006
  • 20180906 PRIME LENS BLOG 005
  • 20180720 PRIME LENS BLOG 003