Cuba became a part of my life three years ago thanks to a conversation with Emi at Bob’s 90th birthday party followed by a “quick” conversation with a hot Cuban pepper, Eli, which lasted three hours.

That began a magic carpet ride, mostly in a ’52 Chevy, with a fantastic team, drivers who have become brothers and the most wonderful photography enthusiasts from all over the world. You are all a woven “piece” of my Cuban fabric.

I’m heading back in a few days to continue to explore East Cuba with some brave pioneers and this will be the last planned trip for me for awhile. I’m certainly not done with’s that woven piece of me and I look forward to future adventures.

I truly believe that love is in the details in life and in photography. Matter of fact, if you’re a photographer struggling to capture the essence of a place, simply dive into the details. You’ll be happy. Follow the light and dive in. Go deeper. Here are a few pieces of this magic carpet ride with thanks to all who have joined the adventure.